Go Homegrown

Ever feel like you're living in a city of sameness?

Go Homegrown is a local movement to build and preserve the unique identity of our Johns Creek community by supporting and promoting it’s authentic eateries.

We nurture the ones who nourish our community.

GoHo only promotes
independent eateries

Local residents now have an easy way to discover the hole-in-the-walls, mom and pops and hidden town gems.
GoHo levels the
playing field

Local eateries now have a united voice to attract residents in a world of big brand advertising budgets.

GoHo rewards
dining local

Local residents and local eateries alike can take advantage of using GoHo Flavor Savers.

** GoHomegrown.com does not include dining reviews. It’s our belief that individual tastes and experiences vary too much to put stock in them.**

Our Founder

"The next time you dine out, make your fork heard at a homegrown eatery. Together, as hungry activists, we can change the world one authentic bite at a time."

Tony Lombardo, Hungry Activist

Living in the suburbs can be an idyllic experience…right up until it’s time to eat. Then you realize what you’re sacrificing to do so. The difficulty in finding original dining options due to the rapid increase of franchises and chains is mind-boggling. How many Starbucks, Arby’s, or Moe’s do we really need? And when you finally do discover some local gems, they close and become another Starbucks, Arby’s or Moe’s. When is enough, enough? When do cities completely lose their identity? I believe that the answer is soon if we don’t make a change.

This realization is what planted the seed that has grown into Go Homegrown. Our once authentic dining experiences are sadly becoming a thing of the past. I don’t blame corporate America. The blame falls squarely on those who support it, myself included. Big brands are just so convenient, inexpensive and top of mind. Does their food quality even matter anymore? They’re an easy and known commodity with the best locations in town.

When I look back over the last 30 years – I see an obvious pattern. Cities are losing their identities. The authentic mom and pop eateries of the world are struggling to compete and are being replaced at an alarming rate. I don’t want to live in a world where an “original recipe” can only be found at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Do you?

With fork in hand, I’m making it my mission to change the course of the dining landscape with ground zero being Johns Creek, GA. As a 25+ year advertising professional and 45+ year food consumer, I have the experience and appetite to make a real difference. I want to instill hope in our culinary entrepreneurs that the community will support them in their risky, yet delicious endeavors. With enough support, maybe we can avoid becoming Anywhere, U.S.A.

Will you join me?