Go Homegrown



No franchises. No big chains. No same ol' things.

No franchises.
No big chains.
No same ol' things.

Growing tired of the same big brand blah? Do something about it while you still can. For every local eatery that we lose, we gain two “fran-chain” restaurants. It won’t be long before our true neighborhood kitchens are a thing of the past. And with their exit goes our city’s identity.

We’re trying to do our part to make a difference by giving you a SINGLE SOURCE to discover, support and save the local eateries in the area. So grab your fork, raise it high and join us as we fight with watering mouths for our city’s authenticity.

Discover originality

GoHo has compiled a Locals List of every independent eatery in the Johns Creek area – from the casual kitchens to the fine dining establishments. It’s a great place to browse when your belly is craving something original.

Each eatery can also be identified by their GoHo Member Badge (pictured) proudly displayed on their front door, so be on the lookout for these when you’re out and about.

Go small, save big

GoHo makes supporting your independents even more rewarding by saving you some dough in the process. We’re working directly with the eateries to bring you their BEST DEALS being offered anywhere. These GoHo Flavor Savers are redeemed straight from your mobile device using our text messaging confirmation system. 

No coupons to cut!

No points to earn!

No reward cards to carry!

No multiple visits to qualify!

How to redeem a GoHo Flavor Saver:


Using your mobile device, make the eatery's server aware of your intention to redeem an offer PRIOR to ordering your meal.*


Touch REDEEM to begin the redemption process. ONE-TIME USE offers will require verifying your mobile phone number.†


Show the server your redemption confirmation. This proof is required before an offer discount will be honored.


Enjoy the satisfaction of having an authentic meal and a sense of pride for doing your part to help the community.

NOTE: GoHo Flavor Savers can change daily. Be sure to choose one on the same day that you plan to redeem it.

Support Authenticity

Enough with the words, it’s GO time! If you would like to support our Movement, make your fork heard. Your community and your stomach will thank you.

For updates on the latest GoHo Flavor Savers including ONE-TIME USE offer renewals, follow us on social media.

* GoHo takes no responsibility for eateries not honoring their GoHo Flavor Savers, but please notify us if that occurs.
† ONE-TIME USE offers require a mobile phone number verification with a text message confirmation. Messaging and data rates apply.
GoHo will only use your phone number for GoHo Flavor Saver redemptions, and will not share or sell your number to any other parties.